Why Choose A.T.F. Martial Arts?


Qualified Instructors

Every ATF Instructor is Certified to Teach. They have full background checks and are held to the highest professional standards. We teach our teachers how to be World Class Instructors! We consider it a great honor to teach You and your Children. We have over 50 years experience and Multiple Black Belts in Every Class!


Our Mission at ATF Martial Arts

Our Mission at ATF is to provide the skills needed to help our students succeed in life such as confidence, focus, self-esteem, and physical well-being. We will encourage and motivate our students to be the best they can be, but not to feel pressured to compete with others. We will strive to make our communities better and stronger. We reinforce solid character development in students of all ages and constantly strive to maintain our commitment by leading by example. We will make our communities stronger one Black Belt at a time!


7 More Reasons to Choose A.T.F. Martial Arts

 ATF Martial Arts incorporates a combination of 7 Martial Arts Styles and Systems. 1. Our foundational system is Tang Soo Do (the Allied Tang Soo Do Federation). Additionally, our Martial Arts are established in 6 other effective disciplines: 2. Jeet Kune Do, 3. Kali/Silat, 4. Krav Maga, 5. Muay Thai, 6. Kubudo and 7. Combat Grappling. All seven disciplines provide students with realistic personal protection and a fitness system for the modern world! 


A.T.F. is a member of the Karate for Christ faith based Martial Arts Organization

 Karate for Christ of Arkansas is a ministry designed to build biblical morals, teach self control, and share the love of Jesus. You can be assured that our teachings are the highest level moral quality. We do not push "religion" but do share our faith to help our students develop a solid "spiritual" foundation to build their martial skill upon. 

Our instructors all have the mission of helping you and your children develop the deep personal character of Honor - Discipline - Self-Confidence - and Faith.


Learn how to Protect Yourself & your Loved Ones. Learn Life Skills & how to Build Performance.

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DSK Martial Arts

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