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Mr. Fred Weeks training Fencing in 1965

Learn Fencing from the Dragon, GGM Fred Weeks

The Dragon has been a student and practitioner of Western Style Fencing since the early 1960's. Mr. Weeks and his research in Martial Arts has spanned more than 7 Decades. Mr. Weeks has discovered from his training that Fencing provides an excellent foundation for all of the physical attributes needed to develop as an Athlete and Martial Artist. The famous Action Star and Martial Artist Bruce Lee also knew these facts. 

Fencing is an excellent Total Body Workout and Aerobic Conditioning Exercise for all Ages. 


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What is Fencing?

Fencing is a group of three related combat sports. The three disciplines in modern fencing are the foil, the épée, and the sabre; winning points are made through the contact with an opponent. A fourth discipline, singlestick,  appeared in the 1904 Olympics but was dropped after that, and is not a  part of modern fencing. Fencing was one of the first sports to be played  in the Olympics. Based on the traditional skills of swordsmanship, the modern sport arose at the end of the 19th century, with the Italian school having modified the historical European martial art of classical fencing, and the French  school later refining the Italian system. There are three forms of  modern fencing, each uses a different kind of weapon and has different  rules, this way the sport itself is divided into three competitive  scenes: foil, épée, and sabre. Most competitive fencers choose to  specialize in one weapon only.

Competitive fencing is one of the five activities which have been featured in every modern Olympic  Games. 

Mr. Weeks will teach you his speciality, The Foil Method. You will also learn the principles of Epee, Saber and Empty Hands applications to Martial Arts.

Our Fencing Assistant Teacher is ATF Senior Instructor and 4th Dan Jason Boggs.  Serious Students will have the opportunity to purchase their own equipment. 

Bruce Lee, JKD, & Fencing

Bruce Lee researched many forms of Martial Arts and incorporated the techniques of Western Fencing into the foundations of JKD. The three pillars of Jeet Kune Do are: Wing Chun - Boxing - Fencing

Dan Inosanto, Bruce Lee’s top student and the man who led  Jeet  Kune Do after Lee’s early death, speaks frankly and candidly about the  influence of fencing on Jeet Kune Do martial arts and on Lee’s personal  style. Bruce Lee’s own book The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, outlines how Fencing impacts Speed, Athleticism, and the ability to Close the Gap in a Fight. 

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