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ATF Martial Arts Systems –   

1. This is the Allied Tang Soo Do Federation’s Martial Arts Extension Program. This program creates an opportunity for non-Tang Soo Do and/or non-A.T.F. martial arts schools & instructors to become directly affiliated with A.T.F., it’s credibility, and Great Grand Master Fred Week’s lineage. The requirements are designed to allow martial arts instructors to adapt their Gup and Dan curriculums to the ATF Martial Arts Systems. This system also provides many training opportunities consisting of the 7 systems of Tang Soo Do/Moo Duk Kwon, Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan Gung Fu, Kali/Silat, Krav Maga, Kubudo, Muay Thai/Kick Boxing, & Combat Grappling/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. To be promoted in this system a student must apply then add the ATF Martial Arts System to their existing programs and attend individual training clinics. Any existing Martial Arts School may apply and become part of the ATF Martial Arts System.

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Your School can join ATF Martial Arts Systems.

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Our World Class Instructors teach Clinics Every Month.  - Call For Dates and Times.

You can join us in Person & Via Video. 

Take your School to the Next Level!

1. Tournament Kata, Performance & Coaching!

2. Weapons - Kali Knife & Stick, Okinawan, Traditional and Demo Sword!

3. BJJ/Combat Grappling & MMA

4. Jeet Kune Do & Kick Boxing

5. XMA - Forms Coaching

6. Black Belt Instruction and Advancement! 

- Don't Lose Your Black Belts - 

Keep them Engaged and Growing!

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Keep more students - Keep More Black Belts!

Industry research shows that over 87 % of Marital Arts Students stop training within one year of Achieving their Black Belts.

Add this to the fact that over 80% of students who make it to Black Belt Candidate Ranks (Brown, Red, BBC) never successfully test for their Black Belt Exams. 

Add More Students

ATF Martial Arts Extension program will give your school an exciting BOOST so you can engage more students (Kids & Adults).

Join our ATF Team of Experts & Successful Schools!

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Coaching and Martial Arts Business Consulting is available through our ATF Program. 


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ATF Martial Arts International


ATF Instructor Certification Program

ATF Martial Arts International is the Instructor Training and Accrediting Program for the Allied Tang Soo Do Federation and the ATF Martial Arts System. All Instructors of ATF are required to pass the credentialing process of becoming an AIS (Active Instructor Status). This process includes a criminal back ground check to make sure our instructors are the highest standard. 


The ATF Instructor Certification Program  is a "whole  Martial Artist" program, which emphasizes the complete development of a  professional warrior, and is a key component of the ethical warrior concept.  ATF's instructor training and certification process is designed to improve the Instructor's capabilities to educate, facilitate, and provide the highest standards of individual, group & school instruction as well as student care. We also enhance the "Student to AIS" journey by building self-confidence and fostering the warrior ethos of Martial Arts.  The focus is on the personal development of each Instructor in a team framework,  using a standardized, trainable, and sustainable curriculum,  combat system, and instruction process. We teach the emphasis with three disciplines; Physical, Mental and Spiritual character.

To achieve AIS you will realize and practice Martial Virtue in all facets of your chosen Martial Arts discipline. Whether you desire to teach a sport, weapons, or combat based systems, As an AIS you will learn how integrating our proven instruction process tough realistic training, physical and mental challenges, and shared adversity will help you succeed as an instructor or martial arts business owner and, most importantly, how to value all students entrusted to you. 

The ATF Martial Arts International  Mission Statement

To Train and Educate students in two  standardized programs: 1. Martial Arts Instruction and 2. Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Courses. Also to support Gup & Dan Belt training for the ATF basic school curricula; and to provide sustainment for all AIS. To ensure the overall development, support, and instruction of the ATF curricula built around establishing character for mental and physical disciplines. Also, to serve as the functional proponent for the ATF Martial Arts International Instructor Certification standards. And to promote the legacy and martial arts spirit of our founder, Kuk Sul Nim Fred Weeks. We seek to program  responsibility in each instructor for the development, support and implementation of policies, procedures, and standards for viable AIS now and in the future. 

If you wish to learn how you can join the ranks of our student  & instructor programs or materials, click on the FIND OUT MORE button and send us a message. 

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