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Native American & Filipino Warrior Cultures

Allied Tribal Martial Arts Federation (ATF Tribal Martial Arts) – This is the Martial Arts Fellowship Organization created by Great Grand Elder Fred Weeks to expand the circles of ATF influence and promote research and appreciation for Native American, Filipino, and Tribal Martial Arts Cultures and Systems around the world. ATF Tribal Martial Arts is also a Black Belt Validation Program which recognizes and accredits Black Belt Rank of practitioners recommended by ATF Tribal Elders. 


The Allied Tribal Martial Arts is dedicated to raising the awareness and appreciation of the Warrior Culture from around the world with a focus upon the Filipino, Indonesia, Malaysian, and Native American Arts. 

Each year we host the Tribal Council where martial artist from around the world come and train during the day in various Martial Arts Seminar Classes, Subjects, Disciplines, and Styles. 

Then at night, We travel to a Camp where we Teach Tribal Combat Games, Mock Combat & Melee, Throw Spears, Make Whips, Have a huge Cookout & Bon Fire, and then Native American Dancers Drum while you have an opportunity to actually dance the Pow Wow, Bag Pipers Play, We have an Elder Grand Entrance, and We award Black Belt Validations and Promotions.  

Allied Tribal Martial Arts Federation Council Elders as of March 2019

Fred Weeks, Great Grand Elder/Ugidoda

Tom Hunnicutt, Great Grand Elder/Ugidoda

Keith Waggoner, Great Grand Elder/Ugidoda

Wes Craft, Grand Elder/Undusonuhi

Janet Atkinson, Grand Elder/Elisi

Jamie Yowell, Elder/Ugvwiyuhi

Gary Ring, Elder/Ugvwiyuhi 

Doug Blanford, Elder/Ugvwiyuhi

William Fortson, Elder/Ugvwiyuhi

James Kapales, Elder/Ugvwiyuhi

Rick Baker, Elder/Ugvwiyuhi

Gene Cullum, Chaplain/Galvquoliyo Asgaya

Robert Warden, Undusonuhi – Emeritus 

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Join and Have your Black Belt Rank Validated by our Grand Elders. 

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Tribal Black Belts


Internationally Validate Your Black Belt Rank

We are a Warrior Fellowship. In order to bring Warriors from around the world into our Tribe, we offer Rank Validation where Legitimate Black Belts may Apply and be Approved by a Tribal Elder who may vouch for their Legitimate Martial arts Skill and Lineage so their Rank can be Recognized and Recorded Worldwide.  You MUST adhere to the basic Martial Arts Philosophy of Honor, Dignity and Respect. 

Keep reading to find out how you may join our Tribe and Earn your International Black Belt Rank.

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What We Offer our Warriors

ATF Tribal Black Belts Receive:                                              

  1. International Rank Certificate
  2. Tribal I.D. Card
  3. Tribal Patch
  4. Invitation to Tribal Council
  5. Opportunity to apply to teach at Tribal Council. 
  6. Opportunity to Promote to higher rank (Testing in person or via video in ATF Martial Arts with our Associate Instructors- Specify Martial Arts Specialty)
  7. LETTER of Recommendation and Congratulations Granting Authority to Recommend Members to Tribal Elders. 

Certified Tribal Black Belt School Owners Additionally Receive:


1. International School Charter

2. Special Entrance into Tribal Council

3. Opportunity to apply to instruct at Tribal Council.

4. Opportunity to Promote Students for Tribal Black Belt Promotions. 


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