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Immerse yourself into your Martial Arts Mastery Process. One on One and Small Group Private Lessons will help you and your Loved Ones learn at an Accelerated Pace!


Great Grand Master Fred Weeks has been a student and teacher of Western Fencing since the early 1960's  - WOW!!! That's almost 60 years of Mastery that you can access to learn. 

Tang Soo Do

Great Grand Master Fred Weeks has come out of retirement to teach a select few the Martial Arts techniques and lessons he's learned from Chuck Norris 

and decades of study. 

Call us today to see if you qualify to learn from the Dragon himself!

We also have other Certified Instructors who are ready to teach Private Lessons in many of our Martial Arts. Contact us TODAY!

BJJ - MMA - Kick Boxing - Fitness

Rudy McGlothlin Sensei is a Champion in all three! He and his family own and operate Barata MMA in Searcy. He is also A.T.F.'s instructor in these arts. Click on the "Barata" action button below and contact Rudy to schedule your private lessons now!